• Online Monitor/Instructor Course

    by Albert comunicaciones
    8 Lessonsin 185,00

    60 class hours course, offer by the Educational ANEFS Area. The course is structured in different subjects, which allow to the student to introduce in all the concepts and tasks related to the futsal coach. Oriented to all the coaches who...

  • Learning Sports Coaching Course

    by Oriol Mercade
    1 Lessonsin 35,00

    The course “Sports Coaching for Futsal Coaches” intends to introduce in the world of sports coaching to the coaches in our sport, as well as provide them with tools for improvement in this field. This course has been created by...

  • Learning Transitions Course

    1 Lessonsin 35,00

    The course “Learning transitions” aims to show students the most important aspects and tactical basis to work transitions, both in attack and in defense. After completing the course, the student should be able to design effective exercises to improve offensive...

  • Learning the tactical components of the game Course

    by Francisco Cachinero
    1 Lessonsin 35,00

    The online course that just started called “Learning tactical components of the game and their application to training” is intended to help students learn and master the tactical elements of the futsal and it’s conceptual and practical application to work...

  • Learning the 3-1 Attacking System

    1 Lessonsin 35,00

    Learning the 3-1 attacking system is an ANEFS specific course which provides to the student theoretical and practice information related to the 3-1 offensive system. In this course the student could learn: 6 ways to improve your 3-1 training sessions...